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How does the mortar on your roofline look? If you've noticed any cracks forming, or any loose chunks falling away to the ground below, it might be time to consider having your mortar repointed. In addition to our specialist services for UPVC fascia, soffit and guttering installation and repair, Stratton Roofing can gladly repoint your roof tiles and chimney stack for you. We'll carefully remove the old, damaged mortar and replace it with a fresh upgrade. In doing so, we'll be contributing to the structural stability of your roofline, as well as its aesthetic appeal. Here's how we do it:




Our mortar repointing process



Before we start repointing, we prepare the area by removing any loose or damaged mortar. We use specialised tools to ensure that the area is cleaned and cleared thoroughly, making it ready for repointing.


We mix the mortar to match the existing mortar used in your building. This ensures that the repointed areas blend in seamlessly with the rest of the building, maintaining its aesthetic appeal.


We apply the mortar using a trowel, ensuring that it is spread evenly across the area. We take care to avoid excess mortar and make sure that the repointed areas match the original brickwork.


Finishing Touches

Once the mortar is applied, we use specialised tools to shape and finish it. This includes using a pointing trowel to create a smooth, neat finish, and a jointer to ensure that the repointed areas are flush with the surrounding brickwork.

Cleaning Up

Once the repointing is complete, we clean up the area, ensuring that there is no excess mortar or debris left behind. We take care to leave the area as clean as it was before we started the repointing process.




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