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Dry Verge Caps are designed to secure the edge of your roofing tiles, providing protection against wind, rain, and other elements.

At Stratton Roofing, we offer a range of UPVC fascias, soffits and guttering installation and repair services, as well as specialising in dry verge caps, ensuring that your roofing system remains in excellent condition. You might imagine that a simple repointing job would do the trick but, make no mistake, dry verge caps make for a more elegant, longer lasting and more efficient solution. Traditionally, the edge of roofing tiles has been secured using mortar repointing, which involves adding a new layer of mortar to the edge of the tiles. However, repointing can be costly, time-consuming, and less effective than dry verge caps. Here are some reasons why they're a better choice.

We are in your area fitting the new dry verge systems for gable ends, manufactured and highly recommended by Redland, the major tile company. You may or may not have seen this product before. If you would like to read below, it will explain all the advantages you would have on your property.



  • Maintenance free gable
  • Neat and attractive appearance
  • No more cracked cement
  • Brown or Grey Colours available
  • Prevents rain entering, causing rotten spas
  • No strong winds blowing off tiles
  • Prevents entry of birds and large insects

Traditional mortar bedding is still the most widely used fixing method in England and Wales, compared to Scotland where 80% of all verges are mechanically fixed. However, the increased incidence of storms over the last few years has clearly highlighted the unreliability of mortar to secure the tiles. The switch to dry verge is gathering momentum every year. With all the advantages it is not difficult to see why. British standards state that no reliance should be placed on the shear strength of mortar used in the filling and bedding. Mortar will eventually crack, in contrast, Dry Verges are mechanically fixed and each unit individually screwed. With the next unit interlocking giving extra strength and hiding the screws offering themaximum protection against strong wind and water penetration giving you long term protection with a neat,attractive appearance and with none of the ongoing costs associated with mortar.




Why are dry verge caps a better choice than mortar repointing?


Low Maintenance

Dry verge caps require little to no maintenance, making them a more cost-effective solution in the long run. Unlike mortar repointing, which can deteriorate over time and require regular maintenance, dry verge caps can last for years without any additional work.

Better Protection

Dry Verge Caps provide better protection against the elements than mortar repointing. They are designed to be weatherproof and are less susceptible to water damage than mortar, meaning better protection for your roofline and all that it shelters.


Dry Verge Caps are a more cost-effective solution than repointing, requiring less time and labor to install. Additionally, they are less susceptible to damage than mortar repointing, meaning that they last significantly longer than the alternative, meaning fewer recurring costs further down the line.





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